Good times

Posted on: October 11, 2018

I’m super happy to be singing with The Glenn Miller Orchestra by Wil Salden on some more beautiful tours this year. Check out the concert-dates that I’ll be joining them, here.

Another beautiful thing that’s happening is my new band “Eva Buchmann’s Gumbo”. Writing the lyrics, composing and arranging the music has been a lot of fun. I’m also very grateful to have found such lovely people in Cologne to play the music with: Lisa Kühnemann vocals, Martin Gasser vocals & saxophone, Jakob Kühnemann bass, Johannes Behr guitar, Silvio Morger drums. We’ll be recording some of the songs this Fall. I’m looking forward sharing it with all of you. I’ll keep you posted!

Teaching time

Posted on: April 22, 2018

Yes, it’s teaching time… besides my steady teaching jobs at the Folkwang University of the Arts and Musikschule Euskirchen, I’ll be teaching Jazz Vocals for one semester at the University of Music Freiburg. Looking forward to be working with many beautiful voices!

Posted on: February 23, 2018

Hm… another year has passed and I still haven’t updated this homepage, but here’s something new:

I recently joined The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Wil Salden. I’m very grateful to be one of the soloists. Singing jazz-standards with a fantastic bigband, in beautiful venues all over the world, makes me a very lucky person :-)

Hope to see you around! Take care, Eva

Posted on: February 2, 2017

Hi there! It’s been a while…

The last few months I have been teaching a lot! Next to my job at the Folkwang University of the Arts, I had the honour to teach one semester at the Hochschule Osnabrück. Some nice places to study singing!

Besides that, I arranged Christmas music for three voices and band (a bit like my good old band The Jacquelines). We played some nice try-out gigs in Cologne and plan to play more concerts next winter.

My duo Lottchen is still taking it a little easy because of the baby-busyness :-) Next chance to hear us is at the Jazzfestival on the Island Spiekeroog.

See you around!


“Quiet Storm” Coming soon!

Posted on: December 2, 2015

The beautiful, new Lottchen album “Quiet Storm” is almost ready. 22nd of January is the official release date. One week later, we’ll start presenting the record at various release concerts in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Hope to see you on one of those dates!

New project

Posted on: October 26, 2015

The “Heiko Bidmon’s Ballroom Club” is a very nice, new, old-school swing band that I recently joined. They released a record with the music of John Kirby this year, that you can buy here . I’m looking forward to sing with them cats!

New beginnings…

Posted on: June 11, 2015

I quit the belgian band “The Jacquelines”. Time has come to move along. I’m very grateful for the crazy and wonderful years I spent with those five fabulous musicians and I wish them the best of luck!! Thanks for everything folks!

Now, besides the adventures with my band “Lottchen”, I’m working on a tribute to Vernon Duke. Standards, indeed! On the 8th of November you can hear this at Abbaye the Neumünster in Luxemburg

New Lottchen album coming up

Posted on: May 22, 2015

I’m delighted to say that Lottchen recorded a new album this month in the wonderful Fattoria Musica Studios Osnabrück! The CD will be released on GLM Music in January 2016. Looking forward!

New Video!

Posted on: January 29, 2015

Here’s a new VIDEO from Lottchen playing at Speicher Bad Homburg november 2014.


“Traveling Birds” out now!

Posted on: November 4, 2013

Lottchen’s new CD Traveling Birds is out now and for sale on iTunes, Amazon or here. After our CD Release tour in Germany, we got some nice reviews:

 “Vibrafon und Gesang, die ohnehin rare Kombination entfaltet hier einen unwiderstehlichen Charme, gerade weil sich keine von beiden virtuos in den Vordergrund drängt. Beide lassen sich Luft, hören genau aufeinander und ergänzen sich punktgenau. (…) Ohnehin ist es vor allem das rhythmische Gespür der beiden, das die zumeist sanften und einfachen Melodien vor zu viel Pathos oder Sentimentalität bewahren.” Süddeutsche Zeitung, Oliver Hochkeppel, 18.09.2013

“Bei aller Verschiedenheit bilden die beiden ein aussergewöhnlich seelenverwandtes Duo, dessen Zweisamkeit sich nach und nach in ihrer ganzen Originalität erschliesst. (…) Jazzzeitung, Tobias Böcker, September 2013

“Eine wunderbare CD – die perfekte Balance zwischen Herz und Hirn.” Concerto Magazin, August/September 2013

“Vibrafon und Gesang – eine rare Liaison der Klänge, aber umso schöner.” Jazzthing, Uli Lemke, September 2013

“Was die junge Vokalistin in Antwerpen, Berlin (…) an Jazzgesang studiert hat, bricht sich Bahn in einem unaufgeregten “Understatement”- Gesang, bestechend klar im Ausdruck.” BR Klassik, Beate Sampson, 20.09.2013


CD-Release “Traveling Birds” coming soon

Posted on: August 27, 2013

The new Lottchen album “Traveling Birds” will be coming out very soon! It will be released on the 13th of September 2013 on GLM Music. For CD reviews or buying orders visit I really hope to see you at one of our release concerts!


Posted on: July 2, 2013

After the wonderful Genk On Stage festival last weekend (Cutting Edge Photo Report), I’m really ready for the summer! I wish you all a wonderful summertime!!!


Posted on: June 15, 2013

I updated my concert calender and uploaded some new pictures! Check it out check it out!

Besides a series of Jacquelines concerts this month, a few promotional Jacquelines gigs coming up:

21.06. MNM “Radio-Marathon” & 28.06. Joe FM “Happy Hour Deluxe”! Follow us on FB




Japanese Boogie on TV

Posted on: May 3, 2013

The Jacquelines will do the japanese boogie on TV! Tune in Sunday morning the 5th of May at 11:00h on TV Eén (De Zevende Dag)!

Lottchen at Jazzclub Aarau

Posted on: April 11, 2013

Monday 15th of April Lottchen will be playing at Jazzclub Aarau! Be very welcome!

Fashion shootings

Posted on: March 17, 2013

The Jacquelines were asked for some fotoshootings: Citta Magazine (16/02), De Standaard Magazine (16/03) and for ELLE Belgium in june! Here’s a link to The Jacquelines Pictures

Café Corsari

Posted on: February 25, 2013

This week The Jacquelines play live on TV. Tune in thursday (28.02.) on Cafe Corsari at 21:25 !

The Jacquelines on TV

Posted on: February 15, 2013

Saturday 16th of February The Jacquelines will play at the Art Cube in Ghent for “Kom Op Tegen Kanker”. You can be part of it live at the Art Cube or watch it on TV. The show will be broadcasted on “Eén” the 16th of March. Don’t miss it!

Gee Oh Gee!

Posted on: January 23, 2013

The Jacquelines’ debut album “Gee Oh Gee” will be available from the 25th of January, on i-Tunes or in every local recordstore in Belgium. The CD will be presented in a showcase on the 24th of January at Felixpakhuis

busy bees

Posted on: November 28, 2012

Since a few weeks The Jacquelines have been running around Belgium to present their single Hypochondria at local and national radio & tv-stations. To see and hear the result, check out the videos and interviews on our fanpage on facebook

Good news!

Posted on: September 23, 2012

The time has come to officially announce the good news: The Jacquelines are signed at Sony Music Belgium! Our first single “Hypochondria” will be released friday 28th of september on itunes and belgian radio stations! Beware, of the “Hypo hypo-chondria, ha ha hypo hypo-chondria, ha haa….”!!!



New homepage!

Posted on: September 14, 2012

My duo Lottchen has a new homepage!!! Check all info’s and excerpts from the new Lottchen album on:

Lottchen in Berlin

Posted on: August 7, 2012

This week my duo “Lottchen” returns to its hometown, Berlin! We play at the “Mainzelmenschen” (Mainzerstrasse 39, 3rd Floor, 1st Hinterhof). Hope to see some familiar faces!!!

JazzTube Voting

Posted on: July 30, 2012

Last friday Eva Buchmann & Band played in the JazzTube in Bonn. An exceptional but very nice setting! If you liked it or missed it and want to see us again in Bonn, or if you just want to support us, VOTE !

Lottchen at “La Drôme”

Posted on: May 12, 2012

Tonight Lottchen plays in France again at Le  Train Théâtre, Nuit du Jazz! Looking forward to it !!!!!!!!!!!!

“Flying Free”

Posted on: May 8, 2012

Today I have the honor to sing some tunes with the wonderful Hannah Köpf in Stadtgarten Cologne. You can find the new Hannah Köpf album “Flying Free”on

Another step along the way

Posted on: April 24, 2012

Simon Hildenbrand is mixing the new Lottchen album in Zimmerli Studios in Düsseldorf! Simon is great and we are very happy that we found him! Some new sound samples are coming soon on our new homepage!

Lottchen in RecPublica

Posted on: February 5, 2012

This week Lottchen will be recording in a wonderful studio in Poland, RecPublica. Looking forward to it very much!!!


The Jacquelines in January

Posted on: January 16, 2012


The Jacquelines live on air

Posted on: December 10, 2011

The 10th of Dec. from 11.00 to 13.00  The Jacquelines are invited on the Belgian Radio Program “Interne Keuken” on Radio 1.


The music of Riaz Khabirpour

Posted on: December 1, 2011

Sunday 4th of December, 7 pm at ABS  (Klettenberg, Köln) with Gojo, Khabirpour, Nowak, Rehmann, und Buchmann :-)

Lottchen in France

Posted on: October 7, 2011

14th of October, 21:30 Lottchen is playing in France again! We have the honor to play at the festival “Jazz à Grignan” in the château de Grignan! Hope see some familiar faces!

The Jacquelines & Theater Tol

Posted on:

The Jacquelines played 3 days in a row in Boelaerpark for Theater Tol – check out some pics!

Lottchen in Belgium

Posted on: September 15, 2011

This weekend my Duo Lottchen plays in Belgium:
saturday the 17th in Fnac (16:00), Antwerpen
sunday the 18th at Jazz @ Home (14:00), Mechelen


1st Prize Crest Jazz Vocal

Posted on: August 7, 2011

my duo  “Lottchen” with the swiss vibraphone player Sonja Huber, won the first prize of the Vocal Jazz Competition in Crest 2011 !!!!


Review Jazz-Rhones-Alpes Lottchen

Lottchen en France

Posted on: August 2, 2011

Tomorrow we head to France for the Crest Jazz Vocal Concour. Our concert is friday 5th of August at 18:00!

The Jacquelines recorded!

Posted on: July 27, 2011

I’m very happy to announce that after one crazy week of intense close-harmony singing, the first album of “The Jacquelines” is recorded! The release is expected in the spring of 2012. Looking forward to it!

Hello world!

Posted on: May 22, 2011

I’m proud to present: The official website of the belgian jazz singer Eva Buchmann :-)

Enjoy your stay….


  • Lottchen “Quiet Storm” (GLM Music Germany) 01/2016
  • Lottchen “Traveling Birds” (GLM Music Germany) 09/2013
  • The Jacquelines “Gee Oh Gee” (Sony Music, Belgium) 01/2013
  • Lottchen “Lazy Afternoon” (Single-handed), 12/2009


Past projects:


  • 2018 -2019 Musikhochschule Freiburg (Jazz Gesang Lehrauftrag)
  • 2016-2017 Hochschule Osnabrück (Pop Gesang Lehrauftrag)
  • since 2012 Folkwang – University of the Arts, Essen (Jazz Gesang Lehrauftrag)
  • since 2011 Musikschule Euskirchen (Jazz, Pop, Rock vocals)
  • 2007-2011 Muziekacademies Brussel, Jette, Schaarbeek, Dilbeek, Lennik (vocals & Vocal Ensembles)
  • Workshops & Vocal-coachings (NRW Kulturrucksack, TPZ Köln, …)


  • 1st Prize Crest Jazz Vocal, France 2011
  • 1st Prize International Competition For Singing Musicians “Voicingers”, Poland 2010
  • Semi-final Montreux Voice Competition, Switzerland 2010


  • Master in Music (Jazz & Pop – Vocals), Royal Flemish Conservatory Antwerp 2003-2008
  • Erasmus exchange program Jazz-Institute-Berlin, Berlin 2006 – 2007
  • Music Teaching Degree, Royal Conservatory Brussels, Brussels 2008 – 2010
  • Complete Vocal Technique Academy, Copenhagen 2010
  • Lichtenberger Methode 2014 – 2017
  • “Songwriting: Writing the lyrics” online course, Pat Pattison, Berklee College 2017

Upcoming concerts:

Thu June 20th, 2019: w/Vokal Orchester NRW

Hildener Jazztage, Hilden - 18:00

Sat November 9th, 2019: w/Duo Lottchen

Schwaiger Schloss, Nürnberg - 20:00

Sun November 10th, 2019: w/Duo Lottchen

Gut Sonnenhausen, Glonn (D) - 20:00

Mon November 11th, 2019: w/Duo Lottchen

Jazz We Can, Frankfurt - 20:00

Past concerts:

Sun March 31st, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Zaantheater, Zaandam (NL) - 16:00

Fri March 29th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Heinrich-Lades-Halle, Erlangen (D) - 20:00

Thu March 28th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Mozarteum, Salzburg - 19:30

Wed March 27th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Konzerthaus, Wien (AT) - 19:30

Tue March 26th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Stadttheater, Wiener Neustadt (AT) - 19:30

Mon March 25th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Stadttheater, Wels (AT) - 19:30

Sun March 24th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Stadttheater Festsaal, Ingolstadt - 20:00

Fri March 22nd, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Politeama Rossetti, Triest (I) - 21:00

Thu March 21st, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Auditorio Parco della Musica, Roma (I) - 21:00

Wed March 20th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Teatro Verdi, Florence (I) - 21:00

Tue March 19th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Teatro Colosseo Turin (I) - 20:00

Mon March 18th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Stadthalle, Aschaffenburg (D) - 20:00

Sun March 17th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Georg-Friedrich-Händel Halle, Halle (D) - 16:00

Sat March 16th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Regentbau, Bad Kissingen (D) - 19:30

Fri March 15th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Fritz Wunderlich Halle, Kusel (D) - 19:30

Sun February 10th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Theater am Aegi, Hannover (D) - 18:00

Sat February 9th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Rudolf-Oetker Halle, Bielefeld (D) - 20:00

Fri February 8th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Empore Buchholz (D) - 20:00

Thu February 7th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Johanniskirche Magdeburg (D) - 20:00

Wed February 6th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Konzerthaus Dortmund (D) - 20:00

Sun January 27th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg (D) - 20:00

Sun January 27th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kultur Forum Fürstenfeld (D) - 19:00

Sat January 26th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Hildenburghausen (D) - 20:00

Fri January 25th, 2019: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Stadt Theater, Giessen (D) - 20:00

Fri December 21st, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Frankfurt Oder - 20:00

Thu December 20th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Szczecin (PL) - 20:00

Wed December 19th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Lodz (PL) - 20:00

Tue December 18th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Czestochowa (PL) - 20:00

Mon December 17th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Warshau (PL) - 20:00

Sun December 16th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Lubin - 20:00

Sat December 15th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Torun (PL) - 20:00

Fri December 14th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Lodz (PL) - 20:00

Thu December 13th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kultur und Festspielhaus, Wittenberge - 20:00

Mon December 10th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Montforthaus, Feldkirch (A) - 20:00

Sun December 9th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

KKL Luzern (CH) - 17:00

Sat December 8th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Forum am Hofgarten, Günzburg - 20:00

Fri December 7th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Congress Centrum Pforzheim - 20:00

Wed December 5th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra


Fri November 16th, 2018: w/Vocal Orchester NRW

Bergerkirche, Düsseldorf - 19:30

Tue November 13th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Parkhaus, Bad Kreuznach - 19:30

Mon November 12th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern - 20:00

Sun November 11th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Rosengarten Musensaal, Mannheim - 18:00

Sat November 10th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Theater du Leman, Geneve (CH) - 20:00

Sat November 10th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Theater du Leman, Geneve (CH) - 15:00

Fri November 9th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Konzerthaus, Karlsruhe - 20:00

Sun November 4th, 2018: w/ Lottchen

Matinee Schloss Schöftland (CH) - 11:00

Fri November 2nd, 2018: w/ Lottchen

Privat, Basel - 19:00

Sun October 28th, 2018: w/Vocal Orchester NRW

Kubig400, Essen - 19:00

Mon October 15th, 2018: w/Eva Buchmanns Gumbo

Schnörres, Köln - 20:30

Sun October 14th, 2018: w/Eva Buchmanns Gumbo

ABS, Köln - 19:00

Sun October 7th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Schoßtheater, Ballenstedt - 16:00

Sat October 6th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Konzerthalle Hegelsaal, Bamberg - 20:00

Fri October 5th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kulturhaus, Aue - 19:30

Thu October 4th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Sektkellerei -Lichthof, Freyburg - 19:30

Wed October 3rd, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Anhaltisches Theater, Dessau-Roßlau - 17:00

Tue October 2nd, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Horn-Bad Meinberg - 19:30

Sat September 15th, 2018: Hendrika Entzian & Eva Buchmann

Musiknacht Euskirchen - 19:00

Mon August 20th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Rathaussaal - 20:00

Sun August 19th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Neues Kurhaus, Bad Bevensen - 19:30

Sat August 18th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Theater am Dannhalm, Jever - 20:00

Mon May 14th, 2018: Jazz Departement Conservatory Antwerp 25th anniversary

Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen - 20:00 -

Sun May 6th, 2018: MIXITY sings BREL, Iris Festival

Place des Palais, Bruxelles - 18:30 -

Sun March 25th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Gürzenich Köln - 18:00

Sat March 24th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Rosenthal Theater Selb - 19:30

Fri March 23rd, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Deggendorfer Stadthalle, Deggendorf - 20:00

Thu March 22nd, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Max Reger Halle Weiden - 20:00

Wed March 21st, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kornhaus Ulm - 20:00

Tue March 20th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Congress Saal Tirol, Innsbruck - 20:00

Mon March 19th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Stiftung Mozarteum Großer Saal, Salzburg - 19:30

Sun March 18th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Konzerthaus Wien - 18:00

Sat March 17th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Ku'Ko Rosenheim - 20:00

Fri March 16th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kongress am Park, Augsburg - 20:00

Thu March 15th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kongresshaus Rosengarten, Coburg - 20:00

Wed March 14th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Kultur und Veranstaltungshalle, Ingelheim - 20:00

Sun February 11th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Konzerthaus, Dortmund - 18:00

Sat February 10th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Theater am Aegi, Hannover - 20:00

Fri February 9th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Laeisz-Halle, Hamburg - 20:00

Thu February 8th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Lessingtheater, Wolfenbüttel - 19:30

Mon January 29th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Alte Oper, Frankfurt - 20:00

Fri January 26th, 2018: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Conservatoire, Luxembourg - 20:00

Wed December 27th, 2017: Eva Buchmanns Gumbo spielt Wintermusik

The Rilano Hotel Cleve, Kleve (D) - 20:30 -

Mon December 18th, 2017: Eva Buchmanns Gumbo spielt Wintermusik

Heimathirsch Köln - 20:00 -

Sun December 10th, 2017: Eva Buchmanns Gumbo spielt Wintermusik

ABS Bar, Klettenberg Köln - 19:30 -

Sat December 9th, 2017: Eva Buchmann (voc) & Johannes Behr (git)

Tomatoes, Köln - 20:00

Fri June 30th, 2017: w/ Lottchen "Quiet Storm"

Musik im Rathaus Gilching, München - 19:30

Thu March 30th, 2017: w/ Lottchen "Quiet Storm"

Sun December 11th, 2016: Eva Buchmann's Christmas Crooners

ABS Bar, Klettenberg Köln - 19:30

Tue December 6th, 2016: Eva Buchmann'S Christmas Crooners

Artheater Köln

Fri October 21st, 2016: Lottchen "Quiet Storm"

Zopfhaus, Staufen (CH) - 20:00

Sun May 22nd, 2016: w/ Lottchen

Pfingst.Festival, Schloss Ettersburg (D) - 20:00 -

Sat May 14th, 2016: w/ Lottchen

Klangfest, München - 19:00

Sun March 20th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Gut Sonnenhausen, Sonnenhausen (D) - 20:00

Thu March 10th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Jazzclub Aarau (CH) - 20:00

Sat February 20th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

St. Agathe Kirche, Schopfheim (D) - 20:00

Fri February 19th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Kulturforum Fürth (D) - 20:00 -

Thu February 18th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Jazz in der Kirche, Illingen (D) - 20:30

Sat February 13th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf (D) - 20:30 -

Fri February 12th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Café Central, Köln (D) - 20:00 -

Thu February 11th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Simonz, Wuppertal (D) - 20:00 -

Wed February 10th, 2016: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Jazzclub Tübingen (D) - 20:00 -

Sun January 31st, 2016: w/ Lottchen (Quiet Storm Release)

t'Kerkske, Kapellen (BE) - 11:00 -

Sat January 30th, 2016: w/ Lottchen (Quiet Storm Release)

Expohuis, Antwerpen (BE) - 20:00

Sat November 14th, 2015: w/Lottchen

Kleine Bühne, Zofingen (CH) - 20:00

Fri November 13th, 2015: w/Lottchen

Ton im Krug, St Gallen (CH) - 20:00

Sun November 8th, 2015: Eva Buchmann Trio

Jail Jazz, Luxembourg (LU) - 11:30

Sat November 7th, 2015: Eva Buchmann Trio

Haus Eifel, Kerpen (Eifel) - 20:00

Sat October 24th, 2015: w/Lottchen

Kunsthaus, Glarus (CH)

Thu February 5th, 2015: w/The Jacquelines

Kursaal, Oostende (BE) - 20:00

Sat January 24th, 2015: w/The Jacquelines

Blankenberge (BE) - 20:00

Sun January 18th, 2015: w/Return to forever

ABS Bar, Klettenberg Köln (DE) - 19:00

Sat January 10th, 2015: w/The Jacquelines

Jesus Eik, Brussels (BE) - 22:00

Sun December 21st, 2014: The Jacquelines

Try out Charlatan, Gent (BE) - 21:00

Sun December 14th, 2014: The Jacquelines

Try-out, Herenthout (BE) - 20:00

Sat December 13th, 2014: The Jacquelines

Try out, Brugge (BE) - 20:00

Sun November 30th, 2014: w/Riaz Khabirpour 5-tet

ABS, Köln (D) - 19:00

Sat November 22nd, 2014: The Jacquelines

(Try-out) Malle (BE) - 20:30

Thu November 20th, 2014: The Jacquelines

(Try-out) Lier (BE) - 20:30

Fri November 14th, 2014: Lottchen

Speicher, Bad Homburg (D) - 20:00 -

Fri November 7th, 2014: Lottchen

Musik in den Häusern der Stadt, Hamburg (D) - 20:00 -

Thu October 23rd, 2014: The Jacquelines

Antwerps Scheepsvaartsmuseum, Antwerpen (BE) - 19:00

Thu October 9th, 2014: Lottchen

La Tartine, Crest (FR) - 20:30 -

Wed October 8th, 2014: Lottchen

Rhinojazz Festival LE PAX St. Etienne (FR) - 20:00

Sat October 4th, 2014: Lottchen

Kulturkanapees, Bad Essen (D) - 18:18

Thu October 2nd, 2014: w/The Jacquelines

CC Merksem, Merksem (B) - 20:00

Fri September 26th, 2014: Lottchen

Jazzinitiative Bad Kreuznach (DE) - 20:30 -

Thu September 25th, 2014: Lottchen

Jazzclub Armer Konrad, Weinstadt (DE) - 20:30 -

Thu September 4th, 2014: The Jacquelines

De Roma, Antwerpen (BE) - 20:00 -

Fri July 25th, 2014: w/Riaz Khabirpour & Matthias Nowak

Jazztube, Bonn (D) - 17:15 -

Thu June 26th, 2014: The Jacquelines

Stadhuis, Brugge (BE) - 15:00

Sat June 21st, 2014: The Jacquelines

Midzomernacht, Brasschaat - 20:00

Fri June 13th, 2014: Lottchen

Niederlenz (CH)

Thu June 12th, 2014: Lottchen

Esse, Winterhur (CH) - 20:30 -

Sat June 7th, 2014: The Jacquelines

Midzomernacht, (Sint Ludgardis) Brasschaat (BE) - 20:30

Sat May 17th, 2014: w/Riaz Khabirpour & Matthias Nowak

Tomatoes, Köln (D) - 21:30

Sat May 3rd, 2014: w/Riaz Khabirpour & Matthias Nowak


Fri April 11th, 2014: Lottchen

Herzbaracke, Rapperswil (CH) - 20:30 -

Sun March 30th, 2014: w/Riaz Khabirpour & Matthias Nowak "Ooh Bop Sh'Bam!"

ABS, Köln (DE) - 19:00

Sat March 15th, 2014: Lottchen

Bonbonfrabrik, Duisburg (DE) - 20:00

Fri March 14th, 2014: Lottchen

Jazz am Schiessberg, Calw (DE) - 20:00 -

Fri February 28th, 2014: The Jacquelines

Thu February 13th, 2014: The Jacquelines

OC De Vonke, Heule (BE) - 20:15 -

Fri February 7th, 2014: The Jacquelines

GC De Maere, Tielt-Winge (BE) - 20:15 -

Sat January 11th, 2014: Lottchen

Kulturpotpourri, Kleine Bühne Zofingen (CH) - 20:15 -

Fri January 10th, 2014: Lottchen

3 Eidgenossen, Appenzell (CH) - 20:00 -

Fri December 13th, 2013: w/Lottchen

Aargauer Kuratorium, Baden (CH) - 19:00

Sat November 30th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

Jazz Live, Aarau - 20:00

Fri November 29th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD Release concert)

St. Agathe Kirche, Schopfheim (D) - 20:00

Sat November 9th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

Cholechaller, Niederlenz - 19:00

Sat November 9th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

Villa Strauli, Winthertur (CH) - 13:00

Sat November 2nd, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

Minifestival, BeJazz, Bern (CH) - 20:00

Fri October 25th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

CC De Fabriek, Sint-Lievens-Houtem - 20:15

Sat October 12th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

TBA, Antwerp (BE)

Fri October 11th, 2013: w/ LOTTCHEN (CD release concert)

Female Jazz, Buergerhaus Kalk, Koeln (DE) - 20:00

Thu October 10th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

Kulturcafe Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg - 18:00

Wed October 9th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD Release concert)

CVJM, Lübeck - 21:00

Tue October 8th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD Release concert)

B-Flat, Berlin - 21:00

Fri October 4th, 2013: w/ Lottchen (CD release concert)

Nordsternturm, Gelsenkirchen (DE) - 19:00 -

Tue October 1st, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

cc De Borre, Bierbeek - 14:00

Sun September 29th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Schouwburg CC Heist Op Den Berg - 15:00

Sat September 28th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

GC Den Egger, Scherpenheuvel - 20:00

Fri September 27th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

CC Avelghem (BE) - 20:00

Wed September 25th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD Release concert)

Jazz im Marstall, Heppenheim (D) - 20:00

Tue September 24th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

CC Scharpoord, Knokke - 20:00

Sun September 22nd, 2013: w/ Lottchen (CD release concert)

Apero Jazz, Abbaye de Neumuenster, Luxemburg (LU) - 11:30

Sat September 21st, 2013: w/ Lottchen (CD release concert)

Ancien Cinema, Vianden (LU) - 21:00

Fri September 20th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD Release concert)

Brasserie Terminus, Sarreguemines (FR - 21:00

Thu September 19th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

Unterfahrt Jazzclub, München - 21:00

Mon September 16th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD Release concert)

De Hopper Jazz Cafe, Antwerp (BE) - 21:00 -

Sun September 15th, 2013: w/Lottchen (CD release concert)

JazzCafe CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder - 20:00

Sun September 15th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Candelaershuys, Ukkel - 15:00

Sat September 14th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Antwerp Fashion Festival, Antwerp - 15:00

Fri September 13th, 2013: w/ Lottchen (CD release concert)

Jazzzolder, Mechelen (BE) - 21:00

Wed September 11th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Vleugelpop, Beernem - 20:00

Sat September 7th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Groede Festival, Groede (NL) - 21:00

Sun September 1st, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Gordelfestival De Kam, Wezemaal - 14:00

Sun August 25th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Boombal Festival (concerttent), Lovendegem - 14:00 -

Sun August 4th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Retro Jardin, Diest - 17:15

Sat August 3rd, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Het Entrepot, Astridpark Brugge - 17:00 -

Wed July 24th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Gentse Feesten - 23:00 -

Sun June 30th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Genk On Stage (Mainstream stage) - 21:00 -

Thu June 27th, 2013: w/ Riaz Khabirpour

Lichtburg, Essen (DE) - 21:00

Wed June 26th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

cc Ukkel - 20:30

Sun June 23rd, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC stabroek - 20:00

Fri June 21st, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

CC Marke - 15:00

Wed June 19th, 2013: w/Hannah Köpf Band (the music of Judee Sill)

Studio 672, Köln - 20:30 -

Sat May 25th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Fnac Leuven - 16:00

Sat May 25th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Fnac Wijnegem - 14:00

Tue May 7th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC Berchem, Berchem (BE) - 14:30

Thu April 25th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC Temse, Temse (BE) - 14:00

Sun April 21st, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

Sat April 20th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

Festival van Vlaanderen (podium ijzerenleen), Mechelen (BE) - 12:00

Mon April 15th, 2013: w/Lottchen

Jazzclub Aarau (CH) - 20:30

Sat March 30th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC den Hoogenpad, Adegem (BE) - 20:30

Wed March 20th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

De Mena, Rotselaar (BE) - 20:30

Sun March 17th, 2013: w/Benjamin Schaefer & Jakob Kühnemann

Villa Ignis, Köln - 16:00

Fri March 1st, 2013: w/The Jacquelines Live on Radio1

Hautekiet in Technopolis, Mechelen (BE) - 09:00 -

Thu February 28th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines Live on TV1

Café Corsari, (Zuiderpershuis) Antwerpen (BE) - 21:30 -

Sat February 16th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines

The Art Cube (Kom Op Tegen Kanker) , Gent (BE) - 20:00 -

Sat February 9th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

Showcase @ Fnac, Brugge (BE) - 16:00

Sat February 9th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines on Radio2 Live

Radiohuis, Leuven - 08:00

Thu February 7th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC Neeroeteren, Maaseik (BE) - 20:15

Sat February 2nd, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

Showcase @ Fnac, Antwerpen (BE) - 16:00

Fri February 1st, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC t Vondel, Halle (BE) - 20:30 -

Sat January 26th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

Showcase @ Fnac, Gent (BE) - 16:00

Sat January 26th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC Ukkel, Brussel (BE)

Sat January 26th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

Live op "Allez Allez" Radio 1 (BE)

Fri January 25th, 2013: w/The Jacquelines Radio1 recording

Toots Studio, Brussels - 10:00

Thu January 24th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

"GEE OH GEE" RELEASE CONCERT Felixpakhuis, Antwerpen (BE) - 20:00

Fri January 4th, 2013: w/ The Jacquelines

CC 't Getouw, Mol (BE) - 12:15

Sun December 30th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

De Winter Van Antwerpen, Antwerp (BE) - 14:30

Sat December 1st, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

CC de Djoelen, Oud-Turnhout - 20:00

Tue November 20th, 2012: w/Riaz Khabirpour 5tet

Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf - 20:30

Thu November 15th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

CC De Luchtbal - 14:00

Thu November 8th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

CC de Rix, Deurne - 14:00

Fri October 19th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines & JMB

CC Dilbeek (BE) - 20:00

Fri September 28th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines & JMB

CC Lanaken - 20:00

Sat September 15th, 2012: w/Lottchen

Musiknacht Euskirchen - 20:00

Sat September 8th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Liberation Ball, Groenplaats Antwerpen (BE) - 19:00

Sat September 8th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Kasteel Tudor - 17:00

Sun August 26th, 2012: w/Riaz Khabirpour 5tet

ABS Bar, Klettenberg Köln (DE) - 20:00 -

Sun August 19th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Kneistival, Knokke Heist - 17:00

Sun August 12th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Fonnefeesten, Lokeren - 20:00

Fri August 10th, 2012: w/Lottchen

Mainzelmenschen, Berlin - 20:15 -

Fri July 27th, 2012: Eva Buchmann & Band

JazzTube, Bonn - 17:30 -

Sun July 22nd, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Zomerdagen, Bonheiden (BE) - 20:30

Sun July 15th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Ploegfestival, Bergerijk (NL) - 20:00

Thu July 5th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Schaarbeek Plage, Brussel (BE) - 17:00

Sat June 30th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

TBA - 20:00

Thu June 21st, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Zwoele Zomernacht, Felix Pakhuis, Antwerpen - 19:00

Sun May 27th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Straatfeesten, Kalmthout - 00:00

Thu May 24th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

UA, Antwerpen - 20:00

Wed May 23rd, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

CC Bree, Bree(BE) - 20:00

Sat May 12th, 2012: w/Lottchen

Nuit de tous les Jazz, Portes les Valences - 20:00

Fri May 11th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Zaal Kielpark, Antwerpen - 15:30

Sat April 28th, 2012: Eva Buchmann & Band

Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf - 20:30

Sat April 21st, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

The Music Village, brussels - 20:00 -

Wed April 18th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Jazzstation, Brussels - 20:00

Sun March 25th, 2012: w/Riaz Khabirpour

ABS, Köln - 19:00 -

Fri March 9th, 2012: w/Lottchen

Les Aubergistes, Marsanne, France - 20:00

Thu March 8th, 2012: w/Lottchen

Train Theatre, Portes-les-Valences, France - 20:00 -

Wed March 7th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines Showcase

CC De Kern, Wilrijk - 20:00 -

Sun March 4th, 2012: Eva Buchmann & Band

De Hopper, Antwerpen - 16:00 -

Sat March 3rd, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

- 20:00

Sat March 3rd, 2012: Eva Buchmann & Band

Café Roodwit, Berchem - 14:00

Fri March 2nd, 2012: Eva Buchmann & Band

de Platoo, Brussel (Koekelberg) - 20:00 -

Sun February 26th, 2012: Eva Buchmann & Band

Barracuda Bar, Köln - 20:00

Sun February 19th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines & The Jack Million Bigband

De Roma, Borgerhout - 15:00 -

Fri February 10th, 2012: w/Lottchen recording

RecPublica, Lubrza -

Thu February 9th, 2012: w/Lottchen recording

RecPublica, Lubrza -

Wed February 8th, 2012: w/Lottchen recording

RecPublica, Lubrza -

Fri February 3rd, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

De Zwarte Doos, Stekene - 20:00

Thu January 26th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Café Falstaff, Lokeren - 21:00

Wed January 18th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

Antwerpen - 20:30 -

Tue January 17th, 2012: w/The Jacquelines

CC Lier (BE) - 20:00 -

Sun December 11th, 2011: w/The Jacquelines

CC De Schelde, Zandvliet - 15:00

Thu December 8th, 2011: w/The Jacquelines

kijkdag, CC Puurs - 14:00

Sun December 4th, 2011: w/Riaz Khabirpour

ABS Bar, Köln - 19:30

Sat November 19th, 2011: w/Lottchen

Kulturstaden, Wain (DE) - 20:00

Fri November 18th, 2011: w/Lottchen

Hauskonzert, Basel - 19:30

Tue November 15th, 2011: Eva Buchmann & Band

ARTheater - 00:00 -

Thu October 27th, 2011: w/Riaz Khabirpour

Wallraff Richards Museum, Köln - 19:00

Sat October 15th, 2011: w/The Jacquelines

De Vooruit, Boechout - 20:00

Fri October 14th, 2011: w/Lottchen

Festival Jazz à Grignan - 20:30 -

Sun September 25th, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines & Theater Tol


Sat September 24th, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines & Theater Tol


Fri September 23rd, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines & Theater Tol


Sun September 18th, 2011: w/Lottchen

Jazz @ Home, Mechelen (BE) - 14:00

Sat September 17th, 2011: w/Lottchen

Fnac club concert - 16:00

Sun September 11th, 2011: w/ the Jacquelines

De Kunsthumaniora, Brussel

Thu September 8th, 2011: w/Eva Buchmann & Band

Kulturdeck am Aachener, Köln

Sun September 4th, 2011: w/ the Jacquelines

Radio Modern aan 't Steen, Antwerpen

Wed August 31st, 2011: w/Eva Buchmann & Band

Moyos, Köln

Fri August 5th, 2011: w/Lottchen

Crest Vocal Jazz Concours -

Wed July 27th, 2011: w/Eva Buchmann & Band

Kulturdeck am Aachener, Köln

Sun July 24th, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines

Leopoldfeesten – De Panne (BE)

Fri July 22nd, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines

Rivierenhof – Antwerpen (BE) -

Sun July 17th, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines

Jazz op Zondag – Knokke (BE)

Sun July 3rd, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines

Middelkerke Jazz – Middelkerke (BE)

Sun June 26th, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines

Candelaarshuys - Ukkel (BE) -

Fri June 24th, 2011: w/ The Jacquelines

Schouwburg den Helder - 20:00

Tue November 30th, 1999: w/The Jacquelines op TV 1

Twee tot de zesde macht (Kom op tegen kanker) TV 1 - 20:00 -

Tue November 30th, 1999: Lottchen (Quiet Storm release)

Expohuis, Antwerpen (BE) - 20:00

Tue November 30th, 1999: Soloist at Carmina & Kordinaat kamerkoor

GC Muze van Meise, Brussel (B) - 20:00

Tue November 30th, 1999: w/Lottchen

2015-11-08 - 11:30

Tue November 30th, 1999: w/Glenn Miller Orchestra

Greg-Friedrich-Händel Halle, Halle (D) - 00:20

Tue November 30th, 1999: w/The Jacquelines

Blankenberge (BE)

Tue November 30th, 1999: Soloist at Carmina & Kordinaat kamerkoor

GC Muze van Meise, Brussel (B)

Biography and bandinfo:

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If you’re interested in improving your singing, I am more than happy to help. I teach singing at home in Cologne, in a music school (Musikschule Euskirchen) and the Folkwang University Of Arts in Essen, Germany .

In these lessons, we’ll find out what you need and how to get there. We’ll dig into all kinds of technical aspects: sound colours, rhythm, improvisation, interpretation. Some specific topics are: breathing in an efficient way, how to widen your vocal range, getting rid of hoarseness or unwanted vocal breaks, how to improve your improvisation skills, explore resonance, getting deeper into the meaning of a song, preparing for concerts or auditions, finding your own repertoire, etc.  I might not be able to give you all the answers, but I’ll help you asking some essential questions.

In order to become more independent, we’ll work on gaining trust in your own ears, the process of learning itself and finding the joy about it. Fore more information, you can email me at

Eva Buchmann

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